Case Study: Frugal is the New Black


DLC began working with, the leader in digital coupons, in January of 2011, during a time when fewer and fewer consumers were turning to clipping coupons in their Sunday newspapers and more and more were looking online to save a buck. In addition to wanting to drive awareness of, it was important that communications efforts supported the overall growth of digital couponing, as Coupons was driving the transformation of an entire industry. In June of that year, received a $200M infusion of capital from institutional investors to continue to accelerate the shift of the couponing industry from the newspaper to digital. The company turned to DLC to support the initiative, knowing we would take “the biggest company you’ve never heard of” out to the masses, and help create a pivotal point in Coupons market perception and visibility.

The funding announcement was officially released on Thursday, June 9, 2011, amidst widescale positive media coverage that drove awareness of both the funding and future focus of the company, with many reporters citing the company as one that flew under the radar…until now. In advance of the news, DLC worked with Coupons to create the PR strategy, develop both proactive and reactive messaging, platforms and conduct widescale media outreach to secure numerous press interviews. The strategy resulted in nearly 50 original positive on-message stories and broadcast placements, with hundreds of repostings in online, print and broadcast media.

Nearly every story centered on Coupons as an established, lucrative company with a reported $1B valuation, paving the way in the fast-growing digital coupons sector. DLC has maintained this momentum, and Coupons continues to be a central figure in the national discussion about money management and saving money.

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