Darcy Cobb

Los Angeles, CA

Darcy can talk a mile a minute and she thinks even faster. The strategic lead on accounts ranging from IAC to United Way, she has a knack for always seeing two steps ahead. Prior to co-founding Dotted Line Communications in 2001, Darcy peddled stories on behalf of her technology, food, fashion and media clients, while at InterActive Public Relations, a division of Porter Novelli International, JANE Magazine and Ketchum Public Relations.

No one has ever claimed that Darcy is the most patient person on earth, but she balances her natural inclination toward the frenzied pace of PR by spending time with her three young kids…where she quickly realizes that a day in the office is decidedly mellow compared to a day with three rambunctious gremlins. Darcy enjoys a great pair of shoes as much as a tall glass of wine, and has admitted to falling prey to a sinfully delicious spot of reality TV.

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