Meet the Dogs of DLC

DLC technically stands for Dotted Line Communications – but with this group, it also stands for Dog Lovers Club. One of the biggest perks of working from home is having (wo)man’s best friend in the PR trenches.

Sure, other workplaces have bring your dog to work days or doggy daycare, but the DLC gals have their dogs as PR sidekicks, all day everyday. As the sole dog lover who doesn’t actually own a dog, I live vicariously through my colleagues’ puppy pics and stories. And now you can too!

Whether you’re a fellow dog lover, couldn’t get enough of #NationalDogDay posts, or just plain curious, meet the dogs of DLC:

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Name: Spunky
Owner: Nikki Neumann
Age: 6
Favorite Food: All food
Favorite Activity: Sleeping
Favorite Animal Celeb/Social Media Sensation: Toast Meets World
Go-to Media Outlet: Cosmo-paw-litan
Role at DLC: “She gives good cuddles for moral support and helps me finish breakfast and lunch.”



Name: LuLu    
Owner: Aimee Yoon
Age: 6 months
Favorite Food: Anything she shouldn’t eat
Favorite Activity: Causing trouble
Favorite Animal Celeb/Social Media Sensation: Bam Bam the Frenchie
Go-to Media Outlet: Pawzz-feed
Role at DLC: “She makes me laugh during the day when I need a break and makes me get up enough times during the day to make sure she isn’t causing trouble, which helps me to get some exercise in.”


Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 4.03.24 PM

Name: Tucker         
Owner: Denise Welch
Age: 3 months… just a baby!
Favorite Food: Whatever falls on the floor from my kids
Favorite Activity: Biting us, running after his ball and just generally being adorable
Favorite Animal Celeb/Social Media Sensation: charleygirlcorgi — she’s on Instagram and she rocks!
Go-to Media Outlet: Retriever’s Digest
Role at DLC: “After losing our beloved Bentley two years ago it’s been pretty lonely in my office. I’m glad to have a cute little fur ball to keep me company during the day… even if he is biting my toes and occasionally peeing on my carpet.”



Name: Murdoch and Monk
Owner: Jennifer Conway
Age: 11
Favorite Food: Blueberry scones, turkey bacon treats and broccoli
Favorite Activity: Looking out the window for squirrels and chipmunks
Favorite Animal Celeb/Social Media Sensation: #Lacyandpaws
Go-to Media Outlet: REDEF
Role at DLC: “Monk and Murdoch are great listeners and are always there when I need to bounce ideas off them or read a release or other content I’m writing out loud. They also ensure I get out of the house on a daily basis – there is a lot in the world to sniff, and they make sure I know it.”

Screen Shot 2015-08-28 at 3.39.29 PM

Name: Dakota (Kota)
Owner: Jenny Davis
Age: 8
Favorite Food: All of Them
Favorite Activity: Hiking with my Mom
Favorite Animal Celeb/Social Media Sensation: Harlow, Sage, Indiana and Reese
Go-to Media Outlet: Dogshaming (it makes me look well-behaved)
Role at DLC: “Dakota has a pretty easy going life. He gets a long walk each morning before work and then spends the day moving from room to room in a series of long naps. Some of this time is spent asleep on the floor of my office, providing moral support in the form of the noises he makes while dreaming of chasing squirrels.”



Name: Wally
Owner: Stephanie Cooley
Age: 4
Favorite Food: My breakfast. Sometimes I put my plate of breakfast on my desk and leave the room for a second to get something and when I come back, it’s mysteriously gone!
Favorite Activity: Typical dog stuff – belly rubs, walks, treats and licking the food off the floor that the baby “drops.”
Favorite Animal Celeb/Social Media Sensation: Denver the Guilty Dog!
Go-to Media Outlet: Rabbits USA is like porn to my dog.
Role at DLC: “We rescued Wally a month ago from an organization out of San Diego called The Barking Lot. He’s an awesome co-worker so far. Although he doesn’t care about deadlines as much as I do.”



Name: Walter
Owner: Erin Fisher
Age: 2
Favorite Food: Snacks
Favorite Activity: Sleeping in the sun
Favorite Animal Celeb/Social Media Sensation:  TOAST!!!
Go-to Media Outlet: The Ruffington Post 😉
Role at DLC: “My dog Walter, named for Breaking Bad kingpin Walter White, is the exact opposite of the one who knocks. He’s the one who naps. He is equal parts lazy and loving and is my complete obsession. Walt can usually be found snoozing throughout the house, depending on where the sun shines brightest. When he’s in my office, he loves to listen to pitches and client calls from his perch on my chair or ottoman.”