Google Glass In The Kitchen: Adventures in wearable technology

Marne Pfister

Marne Pfister

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I, with the rest of the Coupons.com team, was excited to learn that they were creating a Google Glass app for KitchMe, a cooking and meal planning website that the company purchased in 2012. We all were even more excited to learn that we could test the KitchMe app on Glass prior to its launch, right before the fantastic DLC retreat in Napa.

In San Francisco, the East Coast half of the Coupons.com team met up with Patrick Crisp, Coupons.com’s Sr. Director of Communications, and KitchMe co-founders Gene Reddick and Stella Kleiman to check out not only the new KitchMe app – which is great, letting you follow a recipe while you are cooking (look Ma, no hands!) – but also Glass itself.

Testing out the app and Glass was a lot of fun for the team. Here are some of our thoughts on Glass overall:

Wearable tech will be the next must-have tech for consumers

Wearable technology is definitely going to be the next wave of technology that consumers will all be using.  Admittedly, wearable tech is in its formative and rudimentary stages, as developers and those as lucky as we were get to experience and analyze some of its pros and cons (Pro: Google glass actually worked atop regular glasses. Con: We all struggled a bit to jockey them into an exact position to see the screen.).

Regardless, I can totally see adoption of Glass in the future – remember when it was odd to see someone walking down the street on their cell phone?  As novice users, we all struggled a bit to get the steps down– but the thrill of commanding the KitchMe app to find, say, pasta recipes, then being able to scroll through suggestions, pull up recipes, and access savings, deals, and shopping lists was probably how next-level Zack Morris felt when he was making telephone calls from a mobile phone in the boys locker room – it was awesome!

Hands-free Internet access will spark a new wave of amateur chefs, mechanics, and more

What we came to realize is the brilliance of hands-free computing and information retrieval just by speaking.  I am certainly no chef – I liken my normal diet to a mix a of 2nd grader (PB&J’s), a poor college student (soup for nearly every meal), and a scrounger (pretzels from 7-11 and leftover Starbucks muffin? Hello, dinner.).
But I confess – my lack of desire to cook is based on laziness and inexperience.  KitchMe just may inspire me enough to get in my kitchen and give it a try.

When Pinterest caught fire, craft store sales must have exploded.  Everyone was a crafter – an interior DIY’er, a cupcake decorator, a jewelry maker. I predict that Google Glass will take this do-it-yourself attitude to a whole new level.

Coupons.com & KitchMe have nailed wearable tech’s target audience

Through all the discussion and anticipation of wearable technology, a resounding question has been – am I really going to wear that?

While I don’t suggest wearing it while driving (duh) or walking through the mall, standing in the kitchen or at the grocery store is easily one of the most usable instances for Google Glass.  No more iPad mounts and food smears on your tablet, no more struggling to remember all the ingredients of a recipe.  And with KitchMe’s integration with mega-savings site Coupons.com, experimenting in the kitchen will be more affordable, more informed, and way more fun!

Thanks again to Patrick, Stella and Gene for letting us play with Glass and the KitchMe app – now stay tuned to see where our new cooking adventures take us!


Here is Denise, Jen and I testing out Google Glass – we look cool, right?