Don’t ignore your wanderlust: Unique vacation rentals are the new staycation!

Marne Pfister

Marne Pfister

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I remember a few years ago, when economic conditions and soaring gas prices gave birth to a new buzzword when it came to planning family trips and using vacation days: “staycation.”  Instead of flying the family to Hawaii for a luxurious beach vacation or packing everyone up for a good old-fashioned road trip, families were staying within the city limits, opting instead for hotel rooms across town or planning day trips nearby.

To be honest, when it came to planning vacations without emptying my bank account, the option of a ‘staycation’ somewhere near me seemed like the only logical answer- boy, was I wrong!

Having the chance to work with the awesome vacation rental site FlipKey.com has rapidly opened my eyes to a whole database of unique, affordable options for vacationing- but not only that, the uniqueness of the rentals and the vast amount of properties listed on FlipKey have uncovered a whole new type of traveling.  FlipKey is giving travelers amazing opportunities to still venture to faraway places while remaining on a budget; between traditional lodging options you’ll also see individual renters optioning homes, cottages, flats, villas, and more, at a fraction of what travelers used to anticipate spending. No more nightmarish prices of Parisian hotels!  I can stay in an adorable, quaint flat in the heart of real Paris.

And I’m not alone- teaming up with FlipKey and being able to share these vacation ideas with members of the media has proven that most people are tragically missing out.  To make it easy, we’ve gone ahead and created a library of über-cool and interesting rental galleries.  Highlighting some of the coolest rentals available for events like the upcoming London Olympics, or beyond-belief property themes like real-life tree houses and transformed vehicles-cum-rental properties have been our way to show people what they’re missing- and how they can get in on the fun!

(My personal favorite is the movie star gallery– I’m currently torn between renting Jim Morrison’s last known home or shacking up in the art deco Carlyle Hotel on Ocean Drive, as seen in Scarface!).

The response has been incredible.  National media has jumped at the chance to showcase the next big thing in vacationing, showing current staycationers that instead of paying for a hotel room on the other side of town, you can rent a refurbished Boeing 727, perched 50 feet up in the trees in Costa Rica.  Or, you can select the perfect castle for your family’s next reunion from a gallery of budget-friendly castles (seriously).

The best part?  It’s catching on.  Business for FlipKey renters and rentees is booming, which means more renters are coming to the site with cooler and even more diverse options for travelers.  The FlipKey galleries are growing by the day, so I beg you- next time you’re looking to plan a trip, for whatever occasion, do not sell yourself short.  Regardless your budget, with the amount of options on FlipKey, your once-in-a-lifetime vacation awaits!