DLC’s anti-resolutions of 2016


I’ll start off the year with a stereotype about my people. Which people? PR people. We are overachievers, very go-getter types. You give us goals? We’ll crush them (or at least every inch of ourselves will be dedicated to do everything we can to make it happen). Yeah, we’re intense.

So in the spirit of trying to tone down the intensity, here are some of DLC’s anti-resolutions this year.

Read the easy stuff.
As PR people, we obviously read a ton for work. But remember those days of reading non work-related books in your free time? Somehow along the way, required reading in school made it less pleasurable but this is your chance to be determined to get back into the habit. A DLC coworker used an Amazon gift card from Christmas to order several new books and dedicated an hour each night to reading. She’s starting with more fun “beach reads,” just to get used to it, but will eventually tackle the notoriously hard-to-read Infinite Jest.

Shut off your alarm clock.
Well, you might want to set it on a workday. But opt for a later wake-up time if you so please. We all should know by now the benefits of sleep both on physical and mental health. Vow to make 2016 the year that we sleep in more and opt for a mid-day nap to recharge!

Drink more.
Water, that is. The holidays are over and it’s time to get productive again. A few too many nights of drinking during the last two weeks of the year meant not very much got done in terms of personal growth. This is my personal resolution and what I’ll be telling myself… ditch the wine for a while and pour a healthy glass of workout classes, good books, and, go ahead and binge on Netflix, but only if you do it while crafting.

Steal your kids’ coloring books.
Coloring books for adults are all the rage right now. Yeah, you can steal your kids’ books but there are some awesome ones that are so incredibly intricate and elaborate, you’d get sucked in, no problem. Why do people do it? It’s a good stress reliever. And if the “drink more” resolution is on your list, too, coloring books might be a good alternative to that glass of vino.

Be a slow poke.
We’re often in a rush to get places and make it there in the nick of time. Carve out more time for your plans and take your time to get to your destination. One DLCer said: “I’m a fairly punctual person, but just barely…This year, I’d like to allot more time for myself to get to each appointment or meeting, so that I’m not only on time, but also with a little wiggle room to spare. Without having to rush, I know I’ll feel less stressed and better prepared to handle surprises along the way.” Wise words, my friend.

Talk less about your clients, your co-workers, your friends, your family. Talk less about what they did or did not do, and/OR what you CAN or SHOULD do. Just put your head down, a smile on your face, and go out and do it! And while you’re at it, this is probably a good time for you to listen more. If you’re talking less, there’s more time to listen to who and what is around you. Doing so will likely result in more things learned along the way.

Walk… less.
And stand more… we get caught up with work and sitting all day. Make 2016 the year you stand more. And, heck, if you want, go out for a jog or a run. We’ve probably heard the tip of taking a break and walking outside, which is good advice. But if you’re up to it, pump up the volume. Run, jog or skip around the block. You may get a bit different perspective with a little more wind in your face and an active heart beat. You might be surprised at your productivity with a little more action.